The Heights

Median home price: $440,080

When the Houston Heights was founded, it was a streetcar suburb of Houston which attracted people who did not wish to live in the dense city. It had its own municipality until Houston annexed it in 1919.  A National Geographic article says "stroll the area's broad, tree-canopied esplanades and side streets dotted with homes dating from the early 1900s and you may think you've landed in a small town."  The same article states that the Houston Heights "maintains a quirky sense of individuality" and "flourishes as a destination for foodies, architecture buffs, and creative types." 

One of the widest boulevards in the city of Houston stretches down the center of the district, with stately Hamilton Middle School sitting at the end.  Large Victorian bungalows complete with rotundas can be seen interspersed throughout this community, lending to the rural feel of the area.  Some stretches in the Heights really do cause a person to forget that a vast city surrounds in every direction.

No longer a fringe suburb of Houston, the Heights are very accessible to all major parts of the inner loop.