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Visiting Open Houses in Southampton and Boulevard Oaks Area 12-12-10

December 22nd, 2010 4:24 PM by AllenBrothers Realtors

I decided it would be fun to go out and meet some other realtors last weekend, having myself been out of the business since 2003, and so I checked out a few open houses.  Open houses are great because you get to stroll around inside some truly amazing homes; I even like to imagine that I'm shopping for myself.  Houses in Southampton range anywhere from $500,000 to $2 million, so there is plenty to see. 

First I head over to 2019 Bolsover, which is the listing that gave me the idea to do this today.  At $1,795,000, it is a monumental piece of construction.  Sparing the usual details, I'll just say that the house is incredible.  An associate of Michael Goode opens the door for me and I am immediately struck by the sheer scale of the place.  At 6106 square feet, the entire downstairs is engineered to impress the visitor.  The ceilings are high, the kitchen has granite countertops, and the office is paneled with mahogany.  But the real selling point isn't just the construction, it's the exquisite Victorian interior styling and decoration, which regretfully doesn't come with the house.  Beautiful works of art hang throughout; impressionist and abstract.  Fine Persian rugs and restored antiques are everywhere.  Michael Goode gives me a great rundown. 

Next I head to 2243 Bartlett to see a smaller 72 year-old bungalow with plenty of improvements.  Mary Kay Casey greets me warmly.  The amazing thing about this house is the heart and soul that has gone into the refurbishments, and the house is just as functional and inviting as it was when it was new.  This is a cozy house.  There is lots of natural light.  I can feel the desire to open a book and read in bed here.  Looking out the back window, a giant swimming pool/fountain takes up the entire back yard, and it goes well there. 

Finally I head over to 1099 Milford to look at a $1,099,000 new construction with 4224 square feet of space.  The house is empty, but there is plenty to look at.  Tall ceilings, plenty of space, and top-notch kitchen.  The bathrooms are not up to par with what I would expect in such a house.  The bedrooms off the master seem intended for children.  The master bedroom has a luxurious spa bathroom and a walk-in closet typical for this price range.  The home seems to hug the lot it sits on - there is almost no yard space behind the home at all.  It sits on a corner lot where Milford and Banks converge at an acute angle.  The agent showing this house did not have the listing.

All in all, I got to meet some great other professionals in the business and get my chops back with the home-touring side of the job.  My new HAR app on the iPhone told me where the open houses were with the touch of a button, making all preliminary work unnecessary.  I highly recommend this app, which we have a link to on our site:  Have a good one!

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Posted by AllenBrothers Realtors on December 22nd, 2010 4:24 PM


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