Southampton Place

Median home price: $891,000

When Southampton Place was approved as an addition to the City of Houston in June 1923, Houston's population was 226,000 and Rice Institute was the largest privately-endowed school of higher learning in the United States.  Southampton is an oak-lined paradise of high value, high-end residential homes that sits comfortably along the northern edge of Rice University.  Definitely one of the more affluent inner-loop neighborhoods, Southampton is among the crown jewels of the city.

Due to the many deed restrictions put forth at the inception of this neighborhood, only high-quality homes have been built here for the last 85 years.  These tightly enforced deed restrictions definitely gave the results their original authors intended - homes are immaculate, from their verdant lawns and landscaping to their hand-crafted artisanry.  Almost every street is lined with large live oak trees.


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