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Original Heights Architecture Stands Out in Splendor Even in 2011

January 27th, 2011 8:08 PM by AllenBrothers Realtors

As I drove around the Heights looking at the current state of the area, I was thrilled to see that even in the year 2011 people relocating and building there are still motivated to adhere to its original Victorian style. There is no doubt that Victorian style can still be reproduced, but building methods have changed quite a bit within the last 100 years. I am not an architect, but my girlfriend is. She could undoubtedly give you a much more detailed explanation of what I'm about to say. Victorian style consists, among other things, of many columns, most of which are very elongated and thin, and very pointed roofs. There is also often a large rotunda along with multiple rectilinear outcroppings from the main load-bearing structure, making for a very eloquent and almost manneristic house. The Victorian style can consist of nothing more than a square house, porch and columns, of course, without all the flourish. When builders achieved greater efficiency and production power in the following century, they often revisited this style, and understandably so; it is one of the most distinctively rural and laid-back housing styles ever conceived, while retaining a special dignity.

As I drove through many corridors in the western section of the Heights I began to notice the prevalence of newer construction in this style. It's impressive in its own right; the lines of townhomes in Victorian style almost always have a complimentary paint scheme between walls and columns/porches. I drove for a good while, enjoying the impressive new Victorian construction. I'm very glad the builders in 2000, when the development explosion began here, didn't decide to build in any style they pleased as can be seen in so many other Houston districts. No; EVERYTHING in the Houston Heights is built in the Victorian style - absolutely everything.

Heights Boulevard approached as I drove down 19th street through the stretches of decades-old strip centers west of it. I went a few blocks south on Heights and headed into the east side, somewhere around 16th or 15th street.

A stark white mansion appeared on the corner, and there was no doubt after seeing so many newer houses that this one was the real thing. It was entirely white, which was unheard of in the new construction which relied so heavily on bright pastel easter-egg contrasts. This one was simply white and gorgeous in its splendor. It was 3 or 4 stories, but I couldn't tell for sure because it rose from the ground in multi-leveled tiers. I had to stop my car in the middle of the street to admire this house. There must be some way the beauty of houses such as this majestic, towering white castle can be preserved in the future designs of builders besides the current formula they use. This house was a work of art. Perhaps architects should study homes like this one, sitting just a block off Heights Boulevard. They would undoubtedly find other breathtaking, original elements to incorporate into their strip housing concepts, because there are many elements that they are leaving behind that will be forgotten a century from now.

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Posted by AllenBrothers Realtors on January 27th, 2011 8:08 PM


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